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We Started QuadJobs for 3 Reasons

We were college students. As college students back in the day, the three of us worked odd jobs to make extra money. Babysitting, piano lessons, tutoring—we were dedicated to these jobs, yet many were too brief to include on our resumes. Our JobGPA system fixes this. Now every job a student takes—whether it lasts a day, a week, or a year—counts towards his or her work record, along with feedback from employers. Our students have something very real to show as they graduate and launch their careers. We give a student's work ethic the spotlight it deserves.

We are business owners. As business owners, we understand the need for flexible, smart help. We've relied on QuadJobs to get our own business off the ground and our students remain an integral part of our team as we grow. The students we've hired have consistently exceeded our expectations and added real value.

We are parents. As parents, we sometimes—ok, often—feel spread thin. QuadJobs lets us custom order the extra help we need. One week, we're looking for a terrific math tutor. The next, we need help moving some furniture. No matter the task, we can always find a hardworking student on QuadJobs to chop down our To Do list and make life easier.

Thanks so much for supporting QuadJobs.
Betsy, Andra and Bridie

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